LocaChat 2022


A location-based chat-app to share important/interesting information to the nearby users anonymously. Let's say a user A broadcasts a message in the super chat interface provided in the App. The chat will be visible to all the users using the App within a 2km radius of user A.

This app would allow users to anonymously send messages to other users based on their location. The app would be useful for transmitting important information to strangers in one's vicinity, such as alerts about a natural disaster or a crime or just a discussion about things happening in the surroundings. Users would be able to broadcast messages to any other user within that radius of 2km using the app. Chatrooms for special events would also be possible using the app.

This project is built with:
  • React.js
  • Firebase
  • Web BrowserChrome/FireFox/Edge/Safari
  • SourceGitHub link
  • LiveChat!